Wednesday, July 25, 2012

i Love Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Palawan - More Fun in the Philippines!

Thanks to Cebu Pacific Air for giving us another great chance to have a good vacation that we decided after our big day. Our flight was set last year of November 11 and it's almost 8 months more before the honeymoon-like vacation. No package tour were set until the very last month, but thanks to Star Miles Package & Tours for a reasonable package that give us a sign that this is now for real.

We exchange our wedding vows 15th of July 2012. Thanks GOD, to our parents, coordinators, suppliers, guests and to all who attended our big day that made everything successful. We're done for a long period of preparations and now we need to think about our next stop, Palawan. But our next big thing is we're all drained, no cents remaining after the big day. We don't have anything but a paid plane ticket and a simple package tour. But we are still lucky, a two hundred bucks that was kept for almost a decade saves our vacation. Now It's final, we will go to Palawan.

We are coming Palawan!

July is one of the ideal month for wedding but not for a vacation yet we are so thankful that our flight to Palawan has a fair weather. Everything were packed and good to go. Woke up early, take a cab to NAIA Terminal 3, board and fly to Palawan.

Puerto Princesa Airport

It's already 9 in the morning when we arrived at the topical paradise city of Puerto Princesa. Welcomed by anonymous man with a placard "Welcome Jhonilyn Dugan" outside the airport. He looks like a stranger but we still come with and ride his van to Casa Fuerte. Sisig and Pork steak for our lunch, and a power nap in preparing for an afternoon City tour. What we remembered on our rainy city tour is Mak-mak, a salt water crocodile, half of Lolong, captured and taken care of Crocodile Farm. Iwahig Prison and Penal farm where prisoners are lounging around freely, nothing to worry for they were only being counted once in a month (for minimum security prisoners). And a manila look-a-like traffic along the city proper. Before the sun set down we went to NCCC department store to buy lingeries, YES! lingeries but of course not mine. Not really sure if my wife forgot her all lingeries or She just wants to buy a new set just because this is our night. BOOM! Now, we need a good dish to complete our day. We tried eating barefooted to the most famous and best value restaurant in the city, Ka Lui! Great food, great ambience turn into a superb dinner treat for us. Thanks Ka Lui for the complimentary dessert.

Who the h#ll are you to welcome my wife? ^^
Palawan Crocodile Farm and Conservation Centre
Iwahig Prison & Penal Farm (rainy afternoon)
Barefoot at famous Ka Lui Restaurant

It's already 6 o'clock in the morning and we are now ready and waiting for the service van. After a 2 hour ride twisties road, 30 minute boat ride and a short hike from the town of Sabang, finally this is it! Puerto Princesa Underground River, one of the 7 Wonders of the World. We experienced more than what we expect assisted by a cool bancero (I forgot to ask his name), We will never forget his tag line "Thank you.. You're welcome!'. On the Sabang beach, I placed our wedding ring on the shore line taking some video clips. EPIC! when our ring suddenly disappeared hit by a wake size wave. Grab a pack of sand and save it. I thought I was gonna be buried alive. Great day to end with a great dinner at Kinabuch Bar and Grill.

7 Wonders of the World
Don't open your mouth!
Our wedding ring - Sabang beach
At Kinabuchs Grill & Bar

For the final day no package tour was set. The plan is to have island hopping and to make it real we talked to some couple having vacationed there with the same concern. We met Tito, Tita and the two lovers. We decided to rent a full pick-up service van for P1,500 and rent a banca for the discounted price of P1,200 for the whole group, instead of P1,500 per head in a package tour of island hopping. The van picks up the 3 couples before the sun rises up. Ride the banca and experienced what they call Honda Bay tour. Swimming, snorkeling and beach bumming was really fun, without this activity our vacation is incomplete. Bounce back to the city proper to have another set of delicious food. A classic filipino restaurant with our own country-style ambience with most popular seafoods and grilled filipino dishes made our tummy super happy. So don't forget to eat at Bilao at Palayok Restaurant.

Hello Honda Bay

Honda Bay Island Hopping

Pandan Island

Our Palawan Friends 

Bilao at Palayok Seafood & Native Restaurant

Going home sweet home

Time to end dreaming the plane is waiting, nothing remains but our way home ticket so better be quick or else stay and regret. Time to thank GOD for giving us an opportunity to witness his 7 wonders of the world, thanks to my aged bux without this.. It's all impossible, thanks to the two lovers at Palawan for letting us save some coins, thanks to Barry our service driver, Ate Len our tour guide, the best bancero ever at Underground River (sorry I don't know your name dude), Casa Fuerte, thanks Palawan, And of course to my beautiful sexy good hearted wife. 

Thanks Palawan!

Till next epic vacation but now.. Back to reality, back to work!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

First Timer

YES.. It's my first time.

First time to attend church after my wedding.

First time to attend church with my wife.

First time to use my bare palm to receive holy communion.

First time to kiss not the bride but my wife inside the church.

First time to have a date with my wife.

First time to watch a 2 & a half hour movie with my wife.

First time to ride with my wife on my bike.

First time to attend mass, pray, eat, go home, go to bed, sleep with my partner and do the sinful love-making practice and commit another sin but not anymore.

I couldn't tell what it feels like, but from my understanding... It's nothing, nothing but the best! BOOM! ^^