Monday, December 16, 2013

Got so Lucky

It's Mon-Date,  me and my boss (lil_au) were bound to have a movie date.
With my brother-in-crime kulot we are about to watch the most awaited chapter 2 of The Hobbit film Series "The Desolation of Smaug" on HFR 3D in iMax Mall of Asia.

She enjoyed every scene even without understanding the very long story of Mr. Bilbo Baggins. 

IMAX is really great yet expensive.
Our third time here. 
"The Amazing Spiderman, 007 Skyfall and The Hobbit."

A late treat of our 19th month of being sweet couple.

Every moment was full of excitement. The action, the story and 3D was superb. We met our expectations, we enjoyed every minute but nothing is more memorable when I left my belt bag in my seat at N13 with all my money in my wallet, atm's and credit card, license and other important files. 
It was almost 30 minutes when I noticed it was lost and left inside the IMAX theater. Rushed into the security post of IMAX and asked for a help in returning my lost belt bag.
I lost my mind, I really don't know where I left it. Something reminds me of the last time I'm holding it was I'm in the rest room, if that so.. I do not expect my belt bag to return.
Minutes later while we were waiting for an update of my lost belt bag, a security guard came and asked me to accompany him to the Security office of Mall of asia. Walking hopelessly while looking forward how to manage to have another license, another atm cards, and how to forget my carelessness. Everything was turning into darkness but I'm still one of the luckiest man in the world to see my belt bag on top of a table of security office waiting for me. Yes! It's true. Someone found my bag and report it to the security office. =)
The hero of the day is Mr. Ramon Laman, a super security guard of IMAX who found my belt bag on my seat after the 6:30pm schedule. He gave me a lesson to be more attentive to my belongings anytime and anywhere. He helped me realized that there are still many good and honest people who are willing to do good deeds and he is one of them. My belt bag was returned together with all of my items inside. I tried to give him a token of my appreciation in term of cash but they refused to accept it.

I wrote a letter to the security office of Mall of Asia commending Security Guard Ramon Laman who were assigned in IMAX Mall of Asia for being honest on his duty and for a job well done. I also includes the two security guards in my commendation letter for providing an extra effort in assisting me.
May God do the rest for pouring them goodluck and blessings.

Kudos to Mr. Ramon Laman!


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Welcome Voltage

Got this brand new helmet from my very own Santa, my lil_au, my wife.

A surprise gift for me that was spoiled by me =)
Better than I ever expected.

A helmet that should be a CL-14 but turn into CL-16 model.

An early Christmas gift.

My first HJC helmet.
Got 2 AGV lid. 1 Gmax. 1 LS2.

Pilot-fighter look breath guard is really cool.
It's feels like your in a racing.

Time to let my GMAX take a break.
HJC CL-16 Voltage engaged!

Wishing that we may have a great experience together. 

Thanks to my lil_au.


HJC CL-16 Voltage Helmet
  • Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell
  • Lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology
  • Aerodynamic shell shape reduces turbulence
  • Impact absorbing, multi-density EPS liner ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System
  • Scoop top intake vent combine with rear exit vents to provide flow-through ventilation, helping to pull heat and humidity up and out of the helmet’s interior
  • Chin bar intake vent provides airflow across the shield interior to help eliminate shield fogging
  • Side chin bar venture exhaust vents for increased heat and humidity dissipation SpeedCool™ Removable/Washable Interior Lining
  • Moisture-wicking and odor-free interior with advanced SpeedCool™ anti-bacterial fabric
  • Multi-layer contoured cheek pads improve fit and comfort
  • Pinlock Prepared HJ-09 Shield with anti-scratch coating and RapidFire Shield Replacement System
  • Optically correct, three dimensional design face shield offers 95% UV protection
  • RapidFire shield replacement system allows for quick, secure and tool-less shield removal and installation
  • Includes clear Pinlock lens shield insert
  • Nylon Strap Retention System neatly secures chin strap/snap
  • DOT and Snell M2010 Approved

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thanks GMAX

Gmax is one of my great buddy.
An imported helmet from US. A present from my dad. 
Purchased by my Aunty. Given last 2009.

A four year old helmet. Four years of service. 
Four great years of experience. 

He'll give the courage that I need every time I ride my steel horse.

Not so special lid but an extra ordinary for me.

Thanks for everything. Thanks for a Job well done.

~sailorboy (iamn0thing)

Monday, December 2, 2013


Our newest member of the family. "Thor", a cute 9 months old male shihtzu. He was given by my sister-in-law for she was not able to provide full time care because she got another male shihtzu.

His documents name is Simon and then later on baptized here at our own little home sweet home as "Thor". 


The picture above was taken before he was given to us. 

His first night with us. Have a sweet dreams little boy!

Wishing our little boy to grow healthy and bring good luck in our home! 


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy Birthday EX

Happy birthday to my friend, best friend, enemy, buddy, back-ride ex-girlfriend and wife.
Loveyuh! More and more birthdays to come!


Sunday, September 8, 2013

8th of September

Happy Birthday to our Mama Mary!

Happy 5th year to me and to my batch-mate here in Power Mac Center. Shout out to Grizelle, Mayv and Zai, my batch mate who still exist.
2008 - Inventory Personnel
2009 - Effective Sales Consultant
2010 - Apple Demo Artist Participant

2011 - Apple Technical Support
2012 - Apple Certification Support Professional 10.7
2013 - Mac Expert

Happy 11th year to my fellow batch-mate in Tau Gamma Phi Aims Chapter.
Shout-out to Krahm of Bicol and Spooky of Taguig.

2002 - Bonafide Triskelion member
2004 - M.I.

2005 - M.I.
2006 - Concern Alumni and MDG's of AIMS Chapter (CALMA) 

Thank you Mama Mary for all the blessings! More September 8 to come!


Saturday, August 31, 2013

Midnight Bulalo Ride

Club R150 Midnight Bulalo Ride
Diners, Tagaytay City | August 30, 2013

August has always been the worst month of the year for us for this is the wettest month. Flood-damaged bike and riders stranded by heavy rains are one of those nightmare during month of August. But for some hardcores who love to ride under the pouring rain, this is one of the most exciting part of being a rider. 

It's been a couple of months ago since our last Tagaytay Midnight Bulalo Ride. The unpredictable bad weather restraint us from riding outside metropolitan. Thankfully the last weekend of August give us a shining bright stars that gave us a chance not to vacant August from a ride.

With our special guest from upcoming Club R150 Baguio group Mr. John Rey and due to the public hardcore demand we decided to have a quickie ride to Tagaytay for a minutes of hot bulalo. 

Half an hour before the midnight, empty gas tank were already full, everyone were geared-up, ride direction and briefing were done, all were excited, take off and got in line. Here we come again Tagaytay.

We've got a good pace on our way to tagaytay and we're not so far from our tambayan when one of our member 'Basti' got a flat tire and 'John thailand' also somewhere in zapote. Ride marshals were left to assist Basti and John while the pack continue the ride spear headed by 'Hansel. The group stop by along Salitran Dasma to check for an updates thru our mobile phone and to wait for the others. 30mins of waiting time and we decided to continue to our destination and wait for the others at Tagaytay while taking some orders of bulalo. Somewhere in the middle of no light of Tagaytay when Vinzki experienced a technical problem on his bike. Unintentionally he was left alone but in few minutes Rash and Aceth rescue him and decided to have Mcdo meal instead of Bulalo. The group fill again another litres of gas in Petron Tagaytay near Mahogany before proceeding to Diners Bulalohan. Everyone is in the middle of sharing their own ride ideas when the others came and join the group. Bill out, discounts and the night is over, time to gear up and back to our normal routine. Some of the guys took an early take off from bulalohan to have a refuelling while Jay-m and Hansel look for vulcanizing shop along tagaytay. We met near rotonda and continue our midnight ride back to homebase.

A very hot delicious bulalo with 'green' mineral gave us a great night, the adventure of sharing safety riding techniques thru group riding and of course the enforced camaraderie within the group is one of the precious moment.
This is our home.. Home of the Suzuki Raider 150. "Our Lifestyle. Our Ride".

Club R150 Tagaytay Midnight Bulalo Ride feat. Aspiring Pres. of Club R150 Baguio
Diners Bulalohan, Tagaytay | Aug. 30, 2013.

1.) SailorBoy
2.) Kirby 
3.) Ace 
4.) Irson 
5.) Mik'z 
6.) The Caling 
7.) Joe Carlo 
8.) Athan 
9.) Jay-m 
10.) Hanzel 
11.) Garry 
12.) Ed'z 
13.) Vinzki
14.) Al-Rash 
15.) Jet 
16.) Basti*
17.) Kirie*
18.) Mark*
19.) John Rey - aspiring Pres. of Club R-150 Baguio

Till the next ride! 


Club R150 President 2013

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Today is the last day of February, 9th thursday of the year of water snake, and my first busy yet awesome rest day of the year with my wife lil_au.

Woke up late at noontime, breakfast and lunch at the same time, a full time movie marathon of different breathtaking and thrilling film of 2012 and early 2013 HD movie such as Argo. A pair of halo-halo against heat stroke and a super power siesta as our refresher.

The day will not end without my specialty, a surprise simple dinner at Zark's Burger, ParaƱaque. Then a quick ride to Mall of Asia to get some dessert at Krispy Kreme and her favorite Cocoa Rock Salt and Cheese at Happy Lemon for a happy tummy. And lastly a pair of take out Chinese chicken for our midnight snack.

After almost 3 hours, we're back home. Back to food trip, Plug in back the external hard disk to our LED Tv and back to movie marathon.

Later I'm gonna check my bike for tomorrow's Club R150 Tambay night at Petron Macapagal.

Thanks Bro for another great day. Till next time my sweet wifey Lil_au.. Loveyuh! Mwuah!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sagada Extreme Adventure Ride

It was February 2010 when the elite group of raider owner Club R150 went to Sagada, Mt. Province. If I'm not mistaken we are 14 in the group and stayed for almost 1 day only. We are really relaxed by the cold and quiet ambience of this place that's why every year we plan to come back but unfortunately we don't get some luck. 

At last, the year 2013 gave us this opportunity. The Club R150 set a ride to Sagada as the first official long ride to give us charm to keep every rider in the group safe throughout the year of water snake.

Tune up, bike general check up, tire change, tools and some extra stuff for emergency use. Riding gears, rain coat, trekking and swimming attire, and of course sweatshirt for a cold weather costume were all packed. Ride plan was reviewed and Marshalls were ready. A couple of restless nights due to excitement as we wait for the take off time.

Our itinerary is to have a 12 to 14 hour fast and safe pacing with a counter clockwise route from Manila to Sagada. Bomod-ok falls for the first day, Trekking at Marlboro Country and Spelunking  at Lumiang/Sumaguing Cave for the next day. Early take off for the following day to have some photo session at the breathtaking view of the Highest Point, Atoc Benguet. And the last town to have a quick tour at the City of Pines, Baguio.  

January 18, 2013 (Friday) regular Tambay/meeting night of the group at Petron Macapagal. This time, 16 riders were ready to touch the clouds at Sagada and the others were excited as they escort the hardcore riders. Final ride briefing, Rider's prayer for guidance and protection, gas up, engines up and butts up. Let's Rock and Ride!

Looking back at the Year 2010 | Club R150 Sagada Ride

Club R150 Sagada Ride 2010 | Banaue | 0900H

Challenging uphill twisties rough road of Bontoc to Sagada | 2010

Now Let's see the 2013 Club R150 Sagada Ride

18th January 2013
2300H | 000km | Full Tank | Petron Macapagal tambayan
Ride Briefing | Take off time at exactly 0000H

0100H | Bulacan | 30mins waiting/hook up for Ride Director Alex and Rider Bong

0230H | 080km | San Miguel, Nueva E. | Gas up (3L)
15mins Coffee Break

0400H | 152km | San Jose, Nueva E. | Gas up (3L)
15mins Coffee Break

0530H | 221km | Sta. Fe, Nueva Vizcaya | Gas up (3L)
30mins Snack Break
Waiting for sunrise to have a better pacing | Flat tire upon take off

0830H | 287km | Bagabag Nueva Vizcaya | Gas up (2.5L)
30mins Snack Break

Minor mishap along the twisties of Banaue due to slippery road
15-30mins quick fix | Riders OK
Photo Session at Banaue Welcome Arc 

Partly to mainly cloudy with light to moderate rain shower all over Banaue Mountains

1100H | 345km | Banaue Town Proper | Gas up (2.2L)
1hr Brunch | Power nap "Chromeboy"

Photo Session at the View Point | 15mins

Banaue - Bontoc | Uphill moderate rain | Downhill light rain
Embracing the freezing cold rainy weather instead of enjoying the twisties and breathtaking view. Photo taken after the pouring rain while waiting for the others assisting Rider Elwood due to flat tire.

* T O U C H D O W N *
1600H | 439km | Sagada Town Proper 

Photo Session at the Sagada Welcome stone

CHURYA-A Hotel | 250/Overnight Stay

Our "Baon" | Instead of 150Php/viand at the town's restaurantInuman Session instead of City Tour that afternoon 

20th January 2013
Good Morning Sagada | Hello Sunshine!

Sagada Church Memorial Bell

Sagada Tourist Registration | 35Php/head

Target itinerary : Marlboro Country, Bomod-ok falls & Spelunking at Lumiang/Sumaguing Cave.

We used to ride our bike for trailing the muddy road going to Marlboro Country instead of renting a jeep for 500php

End of the road | Free Parking

Another 20mins hike across rough terrain

Marlboro Country | Sagada | 500Php/Tour Guide

On our way back to town | We can do this!

Side Story: Somebody gave us some trouble when we park our bikes near the site of Marlboro Country, one of our bike lost the sparkplug cap. So we are delayed again on our itinerary and need to go back to Bontoc to look for alternative stuff. 

Sagada Canteen | Lunch | 70Php/meal

  1500H | Hanging Coffin 

1600H | Burial cave | Lumiang Cave

1700H | Sumaguing Cave | 125Php/head

Spelunking Briefing | Sumaguing Cave Entrance

1730H | Done Spelunking

Four of us decided to stay and not to go cave exploration for they will prepare our special dinner

2100H | Group Dinner | Inuman Session
Beef Sinigang, Beef Steak, Inihaw na Bangus

21st January 2013
0600H | Thank you Sagada | Ride Briefing

Don't forget to bring extra tire tube

Don't forget to bring tie wrap

Don't forget to bring tools

And always remember where the vulcanizing shop is

Good luck to your Givi Box

Planking at Cordillera Mountains

0830H |486km | Gas up (1L)

1000H | Highest Point, Atoc Benguet | Photo Session

1130H | La Trinidad, Benguet | Brunch

1300H | 575km | Baguio | Gas up (4.2L)
Good Shepherd, Baguio Market, Burnham Park

Side Story : The group was apprehended in the Town proper of Baguio City for they don't know that there's a city ordinance regarding loud pipe and banning the motorcycle in Session Road. Our licenses were confiscated and forced to go to the police precinct. Bottom line..  Thank you Mr. officer for the consideration you gave after 1 hour of delaying tactics.

NO Loud Pipe, NO Motorcycle | Session Road, Bagiuo

1500H |Burnham Park | Rest Mode | "Jon"

1700H | Take off | Baguio to Manila via Kennon Road

1730H | 636km | Rosario | Gas up (2.5L)

1930H | 709km | Tarlac | Gas up (2.5L)

2100H | 765km | Angeles | Gas up (2.0L)

1HR Dinner at Chickboy

2400H | 855km | Touchdown Manila 

Club R150 Sagada Extreme Adventure Ride 2013
Manila - Banaue - Sagada - Highest Point - Baguio - Manila

John Thailand
Yham Richard

Thanks BRO for another successful adventure! Till next Ride!

~iamn0thing (sailorboy)