Friday, February 10, 2012

2 Weeks Suspension without pay

It's really nice to be back to work. I know that this is not the great way to take a long vacation but still I have enjoyed it every single day. ^^

How could this happen to me?
Unfortunately I was not able to post the link of my project. The project is a 4 minute happy moments video of our team outing somewhere in laguna. The video was taken using my dslr and edited in iMovie. Posted the said video on youtube. And then my colleagues shared it thru Facebook and that's all folks! 

I was given last January 20, 2012 a letter to explain from our HR Department for my failure to obey some company rules such as committing immoral act which violates common decency and has caused scandal to the company and committing of any act amounting to public scandal , particularly that which will jeopardize the image of the company. This type of offense are E or equivalent to Dismissal.
I dont have any choice but to regret everything for what I have done and just ask for a sincere apology even though I'm innocent of the charge they gave me. They're too considerate to a man like me for giving me a two weeks suspension without pay. Thanks for the ExeCom, for their humanitarian, for those people who saved my job. Thanks guys!

My suspension started last January 27, 2012 and ended last February 10, 2012. Sorry for my colleagues who also suffered suspension without pay. I know all of you guys admit guilt for your job. Anyway let us all move on and let go.

A nice short stories with moral lesson.
We are responsible for what we do unless we are celebrities. ^^

I'm impressed, I've never met such a small mind inside such a big head before. PEACE 


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our fun and freaky Baguio trip

My girlfriend and I decided to have a quickie vacation trip at the summer capital of the Philippines, city of pines, Baguio City last February 2 & 3 of this year. A two days and a night to unwind was set and a bunch of top tourist spots for our itinerary.

We found the best deal for hotel accommodation in the Prime Hotel at Session road. A reasonable price with inclusive of breakfast, complimentary food and a very good service of hotel staff specially on the reception area, satisfied our stay.
We really enjoyed every second of our simple and quickie vacation. Great weather, great ambience, great food, great people and great places. But for me, the great things for me is the freaky things we've experienced. ^^


First, we stayed in a very old but not so good room in Prime hotel. If we have more time we will look for another hotel but just because we're tired already from a 7 hour long trip, we only have one choice but to stay. Our Room #216 with a very old story that there's a dead body found few years ago under our bed where we slept, creepy right?, that you can hear some footsteps in the middle of the night, a little girl running in the hallway, and a bunch of creepy story. Maybe that's the reason why I don't want to turn off the tv when we are about to sleep and I felt so weird that night. What the heck! Now I knew it, I will never check in again in this hotel.

ROOM 216

On our second day, we started our day visiting the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes at Mirador Hill. Pick up by taxi cab from session to Grotto, the taxi driver suggested us to visit the tablet that hold the Guinness World Record title of The Largest 10 Commandments Tablet. With our surprise, we are so excited to visit the place not in our itinerary. So instead of strawberry farm in La Trinidad after the Grotto, we went directly to Dominican Hill to witness the said stone.


At the Dominican Hill, the door is closed, no guards at all. Without permission we entered the gate and found the said stone. We took some pictures and enjoyed the overlooking of the place. The tablet is so great. But what's behind those great stone is an old and decaying building, the Diplomat Hotel that also sits on the top of the dominican hill.


Wall moss, broken glass, broken edges, cracks and holes in the concrete marked the building that it was too old. We are so amazed by this structure because we are looking for the place for our upcoming pre-nup, but because it's too far we considered this place just to hang around. There's a two or three men working inside, asked them if can we get inside the building and they permitted us. We roamed inside the building but not too long, we didn't go upstairs and have a look every room because we really don't know this place even the name of this place or structure. So we just took some pictures from the left and right fountains inside and just observe the cold and silent atmosphere of the place. Then we get out of the building and tried roaming outside looking for nothing. The garden is so fresh with lots of different flowers and few meters is a hectare of pine trees with a flying whistling crow. We ended up enjoying the weirdness of the place walking back to the grotto because there were no available cab to pick up. What I noticed while we are walking around the Dominican hill that lots of houses have the traditionally painted cross on their doors. We don't feel something strange here since we don't know the whole history of the place. But without knowing that I'm in the one of the most haunted places on the Philippines makes me sick.


Structure built in 1915 under Dominican order, constructed first as vacation house for the terminally ill patients in Baguio City, then converted into a school but later turned into vacation house again.


When the World War II started, this is where the refugees stayed. The Japanese Army Liberation Forces bombed the place and a lot of nuns and priests were beheaded and murdered.


During the 1970's It was transformed into a hotel but ended It's operation and closed in the 1980's.
It was declared off limits to visitors as well.

This place was used to be an airsofter haven and jogging place for people nearby. A lot of old creepy stories and documentaries about this mysterious mansion was shared. Many believed that the place is really haunted for some visitors and people nearby had a freaky experienced in this building. White lady, beheaded nuns and a priest, running child, whispering and screaming voices and some physical disturbance such as banging doors and windows.

Sorry, we didn't offer any single prayer for we really don't know the place.
Sorry, for visiting without permission, which is not welcome for public viewing.
And to those workers inside, hope they are real and not a ghost.

We never want to have an overnight sleep in a room where someone died. We never want to have a date inside a haunted house. Everything is unexpected, we just realized the story behind those places when we got home, when we shared our story with our friends and tried to search the history of the place we've been.

Thanks for my vacation given by my company. Thanks to my Au for the happy moments. Thanks for this GREAT places for we have experienced something new. Thanks for the unexpected goosebumps. And most especially thank you GOD for the safe vacation.

The Cathedral

 The Botanical Garden

The Mansion

"Evil does not exist. Evil is simply the absence of God." ~A.E.