Thursday, February 28, 2013


Today is the last day of February, 9th thursday of the year of water snake, and my first busy yet awesome rest day of the year with my wife lil_au.

Woke up late at noontime, breakfast and lunch at the same time, a full time movie marathon of different breathtaking and thrilling film of 2012 and early 2013 HD movie such as Argo. A pair of halo-halo against heat stroke and a super power siesta as our refresher.

The day will not end without my specialty, a surprise simple dinner at Zark's Burger, ParaƱaque. Then a quick ride to Mall of Asia to get some dessert at Krispy Kreme and her favorite Cocoa Rock Salt and Cheese at Happy Lemon for a happy tummy. And lastly a pair of take out Chinese chicken for our midnight snack.

After almost 3 hours, we're back home. Back to food trip, Plug in back the external hard disk to our LED Tv and back to movie marathon.

Later I'm gonna check my bike for tomorrow's Club R150 Tambay night at Petron Macapagal.

Thanks Bro for another great day. Till next time my sweet wifey Lil_au.. Loveyuh! Mwuah!