Saturday, August 13, 2011

Your worst may be my best shot.

11th of August 2011 | E-SESSION | Randy & Princess

Gun was prepared but the gunman still don't know how to shoot
trying to use an old same technique but I failed
Raindrops keep falling and sunset is missing
the plan is changing but we still keep on holding.

First time to attend battle, in the field or arts
knowing that I can win this with no guts
they still believe in me that's why I continue
guide my index finger and follow through.

Thank him for he gave me a golden eye
who will give those people around me a big smile
Even It seems your worst may be my best shot
There's no such word can explain how beautiful GOD's art.

~iamn0thing photography

August 2011 | Palace in the Sky - Tagaytay

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