Friday, September 14, 2012

Club R150 : Real Ride [via Marifanta]

The Real ride was set after the 3rd quarter officers meeting. The proposal ride is somewhere in Quezon either Lucban or Real. But Real Quezon ride win by majority decision. 
The route for this ride is via marilaque and famy but suddenly changed by ride directors to via Marifanta Road which will give the group an another exciting experience through twist and turning road of Rizal and Quezon mountains.

New tires were bought, change oil were done, riding gears were cleaned and bikes were all ready. The south boys need to gear up and take off 0600H to Shell Pugon from Petron Macapagal tambayan because the north boys were waiting there. Marilaque twisties for appetizer, Marifanta twisties for the main course, Boodle Fight at Baywatch beach, Real twisties and Famy stretch for the desserts and Antipolo twisties to complete our Big Sunday meal. And that's for our itinerary.

September 9 of 2012. Arrived at Petron Macapagal Tambayan 0630H instead of before six o'clock, we tried to break the Filipino time but we failed. The group started the usual ride briefing almost 8 in the morning, 24 riders for the head count, a minute for bike check up, quick session for riding tips and technique and of course a powerful Prayer.

Start your engine! Gear up! Lights on! Let's GO!

The EARLY BIRD!  Forza at exactly 5am at Petron Macapagal Tamabayan

Icon's ritual

Kirbitoy's ritual

Club R150 Reflector Vest

Shell Pugon | Marcus Hi-way | Picture before Take-off

Ready for Take-off

Break Time! [Marifanta Road]

Friendly Guage!

Sailorboy[Me] + Forza + Albert 

Picture! Picture!

The Master and the Aspirants

How many twisties road left?

Infanta Intersection

After Twisties.. Power Nap!

Lunch Time!

One of the best part.. EATING!

It's a coke! not a soup

Our last stop. FAMY!

Flat tire was encountered along Marifanta road. Another party from the group were lost too. We tried our best to hit 100% successful ride but It's true and we believe that calm seas never made a good sailor.
But still we aim our goal for zero casualty and 99.9% another great riding experience!

Our fast pacing friendship, Our one passion, the big R in our bike that always remind us of Respect and Responsibility of being a rider, great and challenging riding experience and the strong camaraderie between riders made us really proud of being a Club R150 member.

Up next! Hundred Island, Alaminos Ride and Potipot, Pangasinan Ride!
Keep Riding Defensively!

Club R150 Marifanta-Real Ride
Official Short Ride | Real, Quezon
September 9, 2012
1. copyknight
2. sailorboy
3. kirbitoy
4. elwood
5. forza
6. icon
7. hapon
8. the caling
9. brian
10. mikz
11. jag
12. jay-m
13. albert pizz
14. albert rider
15. anonymous
16. echo
17. tothski (a)
18. vince (a)
19. goma (a)
20. ritchie (a)
21. aceth (a)
22. miguel (a)
23. dranrib (a)
24. carlo (a)


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